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The Hibbing Blue Jackets defeated the St. Cloud Tech Tigers 6-3 in the first round of the NCAA Division II basketball tournament in Hibbing, Minn., on Tuesday, November 1, 1963. Hibbs, a longtime Minnesota sports legend and member of the Minnesota national team, died Wednesday morning at the age of 87. Hibbers, a former head coach and football coach at Minnesota State University - Duluth (MDSU), died Wednesday at his home in Bloomington, Minnesota, at the age of 87, his son Bill Hibbers said.

The outstanding McHale was a standout player for the Gophers in the fall of 1976 and 1980 and one of the best players in school history in men's and women's hockey. A few years later Pat Micheletti followed him to the hibbing gopher and became an all-rounder in hockey, but McDonald's influence was also rooted in him, as he also wanted to play basketball. Hibbs the guys there who have had success and helped us with that has been really important, "he said. Herbie had a relationship with John Mayasich, who was perhaps the greatest player to come from Minnesota and what he meant to our program.

There are many other things to consider, but Nelson said he feels comfortable teaching his students to wear masks. Classrooms are measured to determine how many students could fit in while maintaining social distance, he said. The school bus will have to make several trips to do so and will supervise the students waiting for early departures in front of the school. There's also a substitute teacher who wants to come and be in the building, "he said," but there's no no no.

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The Micheletti brothers from Hibbing have set fire to the statistics sheet for the University of Minnesota - Duluth's men's hockey program for more than 20 years. Pat cemented himself in the Gophers record books as the all-time leading scorer in Gopher history with 209 goals and 314 assists for 523 points in 424 games. The Micheletis share the most goals in a season with 1,071 and the second most assists with 2,737. They came together for 5 23 points (424 per game) in 209 career games with the Wolverines.

The family's nine basketball players and 17 grandchildren are contributing to the total score, and six have coached in high school and junior college. The figure is 30,722, the highest score in school history and the second highest in the country.

Nelson, who teaches science and theater at high school, would also like to return as a teacher in the fall. Over the years, he has made his mark on both the sports news and on-air departments of KNSI. Wood is also a member of the board of the Minnesota Sports Writers Association, the state's largest sports journalism organization. He is the author of several books, most recently "Sports Media in Minnesota," and a regular contributor to the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

He also spent time on "The Chris Dimino Show" and then sat down for a two-hour session with Bob and I, where we had a great conversation about the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Timberwolves.

I asked Paul if Bob's hard-nosed approach had softened, since Joel was the first kid in Minnesota to score 3,000 points (3,292) when he finished at Chisholm. Joel is and remains Hibbing's junior coach, but no one has disproved his claim that he got a technical assistant during his first game as a high school basketball coach. He mentioned his granddaughter Abbey, who had just moved from seventh grade to hibbing girls.

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